ViVu Softens the Carbon Footprint

ViVu has softened the carbon footprint for many companies due to it's latest technology.

Online video conferencing allows companies to significantly reduce/eliminate travel costs. Available for a few months, ViVu offers high quality video which is compatible with most computers and firewall software.

No special software is required and the fee is either by subscription or per-use-fee based
on the number of participants.

Houston #5 on Great Places To Live

The low cost of doing business in Houston is a major contributing factor in garnering the #5 spot on Milken Institute/Greenstreet Real Estate Partners' list of Great Places to Live. 
Spotlighting Houston's favorable business climate due to low taxation, the city is ranked #7 in job growth, competitive wages and salaries.  Houston is comended for support of job creation.

Coupon Rebate Redemption Services

  As a recognized leader in redemption and clearinghouse services, Direct Resources Inc. offers our clients a facility that is equipped with secure innovative technology. 
    Combining almost 25 years experience, industry knowledge and fraud prevention controls, our clients are assured of unparalleled reliability.   In addition to funded and non-funded redemption programs, DRI offers a wide spectrum of services which include loyalty programs and credit card purchase records.
    DRI’s advance data captures and processing techniques provide our clients with additional information while keep cost low.
    Uncomplicated while profitable, that is DRI’s promise.

FedEx wins IRS Ruling

 FedEx disclosed a favorable ruling form the IRS regarding the status of independent contractors.  The IRS ruling concludes drivers for ground operations are categorized as independent businessmen.  If categorized as FedEx employees, shipping charges would increase to cover cost.  Teamsters and some states are unhappy with the ruling citing drivers are currently ineligible for workman's comp., overtime and all labor laws.  The Court of Appeals states FedEx Ground Independent Contractors are self employed business owners and are precluded from the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Board.

Old Dominion – In the Spotlight

Basic business equates to success in this recession. 

Old Dominion Freight Lines' revenue have increased at an impressive 15% rate over the last nine years while others are struggling or failing.  Standard & Poors rates their stock as a "strong buy". 

How did they do it? 

David Congdon, CEO and President of Old Dominion says contributing factors are sticking to price discipline without losing customers and not allowing a single customer account to attribute more than 5% of revenues. 

Excellent service, diversity and cost efficient operations.  Basic business 101.  It works.