POSTNET is being replaced by the Intelligent Mail Barcode (also known as OneCode Solution) which combines all previous Postal Service barcodes and marking into a single barcode. Beginning May 2011, Intelligent Mail Barcodes will be required for mail to qualify for automation discounts.

USPS mail volume peaked at 213 billion in 2006. Since 2007 mail volume plummeted by 20% and is expected to decline to 150 billion by 2020.
Estimated cumulative revenue shortfall is $238 billion within the next 10 years.
Counter measures suggested include re-evaluating retiree’s health benefits, cutting operational hours and slight increase of postage.

Holiday Schedule

           Christmas 3                  Christmas 3                     Christmas 3
In observance of Christmas, The Direct Group’s offices and warehouse will be closed December 23rd and 24th.

For New Years, all offices and warehouse will close at noon on December 30th and all day on the 31st.

UPS initiated a security upgrade for shipping during this holiday season.
Customers must show a government issued ID at UPS stores or Mailbox Etc. stores.
Since 2005, IDs were requested when shipping from UPS Customer Centers, but now the policy has been expanded.

For 5 successive years, the Post office has retained the title of “Most Trusted Government Agency” for proactively protecting consumer privacy.
In 1970, the Post Office spawned into an independence agency under the realm of the Executive Branch of government. Its business plan was unique because it was the first government agency whose business model was based on corporate America, not a governmental.
The USPS’ financing is through the sales of its products and services.

UPS, USPS and FedEx are prepared for the annual Holiday spike in shipping.
FedEx projects Dec 13th as their heaviest day with 16 million international shipments scheduled.
UPSP states their busiest day will be Dec 20th, anticipating handling 800 million cards, letters and packages .
UPS predicts 24 million packages will be delivered on Dec 22.

On line retailers, including e-commerce, have contributed to an increase of shipments.