Smartphones may make business on the run easier, but it’s also making it easier for thieves.

17.8 million consumers used mobile banking  on smartphones last year, 27.4 million are expected to use it this year, and 53.1 million consumers are forecast to adopt it by 2013. A few carriers are offering “wipeout services” if the smart phone is stolen, but security experts suggest keeping your phone with you, completely shutting down any applications and keep up with new security measures. 

An indicator the economy is improving- day care centers are filling up again.  Experts claim this innocuous indicator points to Mom &/or Dad being employed again.  At the peak of the recession, Day care centers were downsizing staff due to decreased enrollment.

The Postal Service has set a goal of closing 2,000 stations and branches in 2011. There are currently 491 closures underway. No Post Office is scheduled for closures.
Unlike Post offices, Stations & Branches do not process mail and sometimes lack mail carriers.

Direct Resources Holiday Schedule ‘2011’


Good Friday, 04/22/11  (Friday)
Memorial Day, 05/30/11  (Monday)
Independence Day, 07/04/11  (Monday)
Labor Day, 09/05/11  (Monday)
Thanksgiving, 11/24/11  (Thursday)
Thanksgiving, 11/25/11  (Friday)
Christmas,  12/23/11  (Friday)
Christmas, 12/26/11  (Monday)
New Year’s (1/2 day) 12/30/2011 (Friday)
New Year’s  01/02/2012 (Monday)

No left turns for UPS drivers since 2001. Left turns wastes time, fuel and increase driving hazards. UPS have reduced 20.4 Million miles per year in ceasing left turns. MythBusters, a TV show, proved the theory “right”.

Digital mail recently completed a trial run with the Finnish public. The trial began April 12, 2010 which included 126 households and 20 businesses in Anttila. All mail, from bills to personal letters were digitalized through the Post Office. Volunteers received an e-mail or text message when their mail was opened, scanned and sent as a PDF file to a secure digital mailbox, to which only the recipient had access.

As pertinent information is acquired through various international agencies, cargo security has become a priority.
The federal government is encouraging FedEx, UPS, and DHL to report their cargo manifest more quickly so cargo such as printer equipment can be screened thoroughly. Toner has been used by would be bombers to smuggle explosives on planes.
International packages sent to the US must be shipped with an established courier & screened individually according to a new regulation of Homeland Security.

The 1-10-100 rule
IF a problem is not corrected immediately, it cost more to repair as time passes.
A $1 mistake may cost $10 in time & effort later. If the customer catches the mistake, it may cost $100 in time, effort & customer service reparations.

Yesterday, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas expected & experienced weather related shipping delays. The Northwest was hit with battering weather Christmas & New Year’s week causing delays. While California’s bizarre weather, battering rain & even snow caused havoc with shipping.