AMSP Mid-Winter Conference

During February 5-8, the Direct EDJE team will be at the Association of Marketing Service Providers (AMSP). The conference is to help mailing, print, and fulfillment businesses develop and adapt to the ever-changing era of marketing, especially with new media.

Andrew Constantinou, the founder of Direct EDJE, will be speaking about security and pilferage at the Special e-Commerce Considerations: Returns, Pilferage, Marketing, Sales, and Pilferage session on February 5 from 3:15-5:00pm.

Direct EDJE will also be attending as a vendor, displaying Direct Response fulfillment software throughout the conference.

Health at Work

Eating healthy and in proportion is key to overall health but is often ignored at work, though that is when we should be focusing on our health the most. By promoting healthy eating habits at work, employees health and productivity increase. A study by vielife indicated that healthy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhealthy employees.

At Direct Resources, we have recently adopted two new ways to encourage and promote healthy eating. Fruit is now provided every week for employees to snack on and a catered lunch is held every other week. We believe that these will promote workplace health and a stronger sense of community within Direct Resources.

Integration with Ultra Cart

Direct EDJE is proud to announce that Direct Response fulfillment software has been successfully integrated with Ultra Cart, an eCommerce provider. With this new update, our licensees can electronically pull order information and push back shipping information to Ultra Cart. This is the 6th successful integration with eCommerce providers.

We were able to achieve this seamless integration by utilizing our robust API.  This integration is one of the many ways we work with our licensees to help them add value to their offerings to their customers.