Paperless Picking at Direct Resources

At Direct Resources, our current process produces a Pick/Pack paper ticket once an order is submitted. The supervisor then hands out these paper tickets to pickers who in turn head to the warehouse to pick the items that are needed for each order. The new process that Direct Resources has been testing for the past couple of days is a paperless picking ticket. So here is how this works….

The administrator assigns the inventories that will be converted to paperless picking.  When an order is submitted from one of these inventories, the order is placed in a queue (Managed Unassigned Orders). The supervisor views this queue and assigns a picker to these orders. The picker then signs into their Direct Response account, via their tablet (we are currently using iPads) and at this time the picker sees the orders assigned to them. The picker clicks on the start time & at this point a picking ticket is displayed to the picker. The picker then picks the items, assigns a locator, and clicks complete. We have now captured the picker/start time and complete time.

At this point the supervisor then assigns a packer to these orders and a redesigned packing ticket (8.5 x 11) is generated, then placed in the bin/pallet of each order. The packer logs into their Direct Response account, via their tablet, and goes to the locator assigned to each order. They quality control the order, apply the packing ticket to the order & completes the process by clicking on the complete button. The order is placed on the shipping conveyor.

With this new system, we are bringing technology into the warehouse to increase productivity and reduce paper usage.

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