Wowing Customers with Direct-2-Shop

At Direct EDJE, we have wooed yet another customer with our Direct-2-Shop, our personal eCommerce module within Direct Response. Within a matter of hours of installment, developers within our customer’s company were able to create a fantastic, user friendly eCommerce site to accept orders for a national company. Upon completion, our customer wrote, “YOU GUYS ROCK!” Our dedication to our work is what makes us rock.

From the Fulfillment Specialists at Direct EDJE

Guiding Principles

Within all areas of the Direct Group – Direct Resources, Direct EDJE, and eDirect Fulfill – we hold four principles at our core, guiding us in how we conduct our business and interact with our clients.

First, we control our growth. We never over-extend ourselves with multiple new clients just for the sake of adding revenue. Customer service is paramount and truly what sets us apart with timely follow through.

Next, we have the best employees! When hiring for Direct EDJE, Direct Resources, and eDirect Fulfill, we look for great work ethic, determination, and passion. Our employees continue to  prove themselves again and again.

Third, we are focused. We commit ourselves to fulfillment and only fulfillment. We are the fulfillment specialists. Direct Resources, Direct EDJE, and eDirect Fulfill are centered around fulfillment. This is why Direct Response is the best software for fulfillment – we know the ins and outs of fulfillment after 28 years.

Lastly, we have a test environment at Direct Resources. The majority of the updates and enhancements for Direct Response are first tested at Direct Resources, our 160,000 sq.  ft. fulfillment center, to ensure that everything works to the highest capability.

Together, these four guiding principles have proven multiples times that the Direct Group can successfully and continuously deliver overwhelming results for our clients. This has been recently proven with a new fulfillment software client. The fulfillment manager of this client had used all of our competitors’ software, but none of their software were what our client needed to support their own clients. After transferring to Direct Response, our new client has been in awe of not only the software but also the support from Direct EDJE with the installation. This level of regard is profound and exciting. Serving our clients with the highest efficiency is what makes the Direct Group, as fulfillment specialists, the best choice for your fulfillment needs.

Health at Work

Eating healthy and in proportion is key to overall health but is often ignored at work, though that is when we should be focusing on our health the most. By promoting healthy eating habits at work, employees health and productivity increase. A study by vielife indicated that healthy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhealthy employees.

At Direct Resources, we have recently adopted two new ways to encourage and promote healthy eating. Fruit is now provided every week for employees to snack on and a catered lunch is held every other week. We believe that these will promote workplace health and a stronger sense of community within Direct Resources.

Direct EDJE visits Houston

All of our developers at Direct EDJE are heading to Houston for a day in the heart of our fulfillment center. On a routine basis, our developers spend time in the receiving, warehouse, production, pick/pack, and shipping areas to see how things are going and to hear from each department head. This way our developers will get their hands dirty and, most importantly, interact with the folks on the ground. Knowledge is shared, giving our developers the ability to see how things flow within a LIVE warehouse setting and with LIVE users using the new functionality they bring to Direct Response.
This is just one way Direct EDJE is different than any other fulfillment software company!

The Shipping Pallet’s History

Two articles about the history of the shipping pallet have been recently released. Shipping pallets are key in many businesses, most especially in a fullfilment and distribution company such as Direct Resources. Surprisingly, the shipping pallet has an intense, war-filled past. 

The Single Most Important Object in the Global Economy

The Secret History of Shipping Pallets

Paperless Picking at Direct Resources

At Direct Resources, our current process produces a Pick/Pack paper ticket once an order is submitted. The supervisor then hands out these paper tickets to pickers who in turn head to the warehouse to pick the items that are needed for each order. The new process that Direct Resources has been testing for the past couple of days is a paperless picking ticket. So here is how this works….

The administrator assigns the inventories that will be converted to paperless picking.  When an order is submitted from one of these inventories, the order is placed in a queue (Managed Unassigned Orders). The supervisor views this queue and assigns a picker to these orders. The picker then signs into their Direct Response account, via their tablet (we are currently using iPads) and at this time the picker sees the orders assigned to them. The picker clicks on the start time & at this point a picking ticket is displayed to the picker. The picker then picks the items, assigns a locator, and clicks complete. We have now captured the picker/start time and complete time.

At this point the supervisor then assigns a packer to these orders and a redesigned packing ticket (8.5 x 11) is generated, then placed in the bin/pallet of each order. The packer logs into their Direct Response account, via their tablet, and goes to the locator assigned to each order. They quality control the order, apply the packing ticket to the order & completes the process by clicking on the complete button. The order is placed on the shipping conveyor.

With this new system, we are bringing technology into the warehouse to increase productivity and reduce paper usage.

Updates to the Direct Group

There have been some updates to Direct Response™ and Direct Resources in the past couple of days.

New in Direct Response’s Direct-2-Shop is the auto detect for mobile browsers. This gives smartphone users the ability to fully navigate the site on their mobiles.

At Direct Resources’ warehouse in Houston, there is now an added feature that prints pallet marker tickets when a transfer is completed. 


New Update to Direct Response™

Direct EDJE has just pushed out a new, significant update to all Direct Response™ licensees. You can now validate Canadian addresses with “address validation” when the feature is set to YES in the inventory settings. Licensees can also identify if an address is “vacant,” allowing you to change the shipment, if needed.


Direct Response™ at MFSA

Direct EDJE recently went to the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association 2012 National Conference in North Carolina. While there, the Direct EDJE group were on hand to answer questions and meet businesses in the vendor hall and presented about Direct Response™, Direct EDJE’s fulfillment software solution.

Direct Response™ was created in 1998 to enable the world’s largest computer manufacture real-time Internet based fulfillment. This fulfillment solution is secure, SaaS (Software as a Service), and real-time. The software was designed from the ground up to address the concerns of even the most complex 3PF operations. But this software did not remain stagnant over the years. Over the last 15 years, 2,000+ enhancements have been made in 160+ upgrades.

Security is of the highest priority for Direct EDJE. Direct Response™ is part of a dedicated and secure hosting with There is 24/7 real-time network traffic monitoring to detect suspicious activity or patterns. Offsite data backups and disaster recovery plans, as well as enterprise firewalls and redundant connectivity included in Direct Response™.

The SaaS part of Direct Response™ is an integral part of why the software is number one for fulfillment solutions. With SaaS, there is no need to purchase, install or update additional hardware or software and no additional IT resources are needed. The software is updated automatically and backups and security are Direct EDJE’s responsibility. Altogether, SaaS makes it easy for customers to use and take care of Direct Response™.

 Also included with Direct Response™ is Direct-2-Shop. Direct-2-Shop is a real-time, secure, and fully customizable turnkey e-commerce solution that provide public and private shopping experiences for your customers.

Altogether, Direct Response™ is one of the most advanced, capable, and safe fulfillment solution software programs available on the market today.